Hi! I am Hasala Nadeesini(Nadee) Lokupitya, a Ph.D. chemist graduated from Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of South Carolina in December 2017. In 2013, I started my graduate studies at University of South Carolina under the supervision of Dr. Morgan Stefik.  My graduate work was mainly focused on synthesis of nanomaterials using new block co-polymer templates for alternative energy devices. During this work I developed a novel block co-polymer system which can be kinetically trapped to form persistent polymer micelles which were used as soft templates to produce tunable nanomaterials. This technique is called persistent micelle templating (PMT) and was patented under US Patent 20,170,335,112. Furthermore, I studied the energy storage performance of these PMT derived nanomaterials. You can read more about my work on this website.
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